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What is hydro-seeding? 

Hydro-seeding is a one step process that applies any type of seed, fertilizer and erosion control mulch to your prepared area.

How is it applied? 

It is applied hydraulically, which means that water is the main carrying agent in this process. We can apply directly from the top of our truck or with a fire hose. This allows us to shoot both wide open areas and hard to reach areas with precision and accuracy. 


How do you prepare the area you want hydroseeded?

Soil preparation is an important first step in the process of achieving a beautiful, healthy lawn. Listed below are our recommended steps to take for soil preparation:

1.  For new lawns, we suggest mechanically (tilling or other grading work) or chemically removing weeds and other vegetation from the area to be seeded. 
2.  Adjust PH levels of soil. 

        - Use lime to raise PH levels, 50 lb.s per 1,000 square feet. 

        - In areas with higher PH levels that need to be lowered, consider using sulfur. 
3.  Till area
4.  After tilling, roll area so that ground becomes firm. Typically, a water roller is the perfect thing to roll the area and get that soil nice and firm. If you do not have access and do not want to rent one, you can use a chain link fence or a railroad tie behind a small tractor or mower. 


What is the best time to hydroseed? 

Spring and early fall are the best times to establish a new lawn. Mild temperatures and moisture are the keys to rapid lawn development. The warmer the soil is, the faster the seed will germinate with proper water management. If you have an irrigation system,  In the Pacific Northwest, we can start hydro-seeding as early as March 1st and go as late in the year as October 31st. Depending on the weather, we can start two weeks earlier than March 1st and finish two weeks later than October 31st. 


Why choose hydro-seeding?  

There are several advantages to a hydraulically planted area. 

We at Northwest Hydro- Mulchers can customize any seed mix to your site specifications, whether it is for commercial or residential application. 



Any type of seed can be applied using the hydroseeding method: fine residential or
commercial lawn, pasture, roadside stabilization, or wild flower seed mixes are all applicable, including many others. 


Rapid Establishment: 


Hydroseeding is the preferred is the method of turf installation when a quick, tough lawn is desired. Managers of high use areas such as golf courses, and athletic fields, or owners with projects demanding excellent erosion control, turn to Northwest Hydro-Mulchers, Inc. for rapid, vegetative cover.



Where should you hydro-seed? 


Anywhere you are trying to establish a vegatative cover. 

  • Residential and Commercial Lawns 

  • Play Grounds and Parks

  • Athletic Fields and Golf Courses 

  • Highway or Driveway Roadsides 

  • Pastures and Meadows 

  • Native Wetland and Riparian Zones

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